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Circa 1944 - Photo taken after a snow storm

Queen Anne History

Photo of the Queen Anne circa 2907

Major Charles J. Greene Sr., Rob Greene (4th child) and Annie Greene (6th child) Circa 1907

If you have ever wanted to stay in an authentic Victorian house then you are in luck!    As their last home, Major Charles Joseph and Annie Strechan Greene, built their Victorian home at the turn of the century.

Major Charles Greene Sr., was born in 1847 and served in the civil war as a messenger.   Annie Strechan, who was born in 1866, met Charles Greene Sr.  in Colorado Springs  and in 1881 when Charles was 34 years old, he married Annie,  who was 15 years old.  They had six children, Helen, Jessie, Charles Jr, Rob, Alexander and Annie, who was born in 1900.    They moved to Natchitoches in 1899 when Charles was hired as a receiver  for state land office. 


Major Greene lived in Natchitoches until  his death on April, 11 1933 at 86 years old.   The widowed Mrs.  Annie Greene lived out her remaining years in the house until she died on July 24, 1958.  She was 92 years old.

Their 2nd oldest daughter, Miss Jessie Greene was a Natchitoches schoolteacher and
lived here until her death in 1965. The house saw some bleak years as ownership changed hands several times including becoming home to a fraternity house.

Circa 1902:  Helen (oldest child), Charles Jr. (3rd child) and Jessie Greene (2nd child)

Circa 1902:  Helen (oldest child), Charles Jr. (3rd child) and Jessie Greene (2nd child)

The Greene house has been brought back to its original grandeur.  The previous owners Cathy and Smitty Howell are responsible for many of the restoration efforts.  They restored and rebuilt the second story gallery, which had been removed completely and replaced with shingle roofing.    The asbestos siding was removed revealing the original virgin cypress shiplap that was hidden for over 50 years. The beautiful heart of pine floors were all here, but buried under years of carpet and vinyl.  Also here was the original mill work and 2 sets of gorgeous 10 foot pocket doors. The 11 foot original beaded board ceilings were revealed under modern ceiling tiles.

The current owners (2008 - present) added the gazebo and completed extensive landscaping on the grounds. The private interior bathrooms have been modernized and all have one or two person jacuzzi tubs and showers.  A hospitality room was added with a wet bar, ice machine and refrigerator.   Complimentary WiFi and a zoned  central air and heat system with controls in each guest room was added in 2016 for the comfort of our guests.

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